Do you need to hire a content writer for your website or social media?

I’d love to help.

Hello, I’m Cecilia!

I’m a freelance content writer based in Dubai. I create content strategies, write blog posts, social media content, and other marketing materials in the wellness, lifestyle, and productivity niches.

As a creative content writer, my job is to make your brand stand out, increase your conversions and boost your sales by delivering fun, engaging, actionable content.

Curious? Let’s talk!

How do we start?

It’s easy!

1. Consultation

We start with a brief initial consultation for me to learn more about your brand, as well as your goals and needs.

2. Proposal

Then, I present a proposal with an estimated timeline and the budget.

3. Contract and onboarding

Finally, after we agree on the timeline and budget, I’ll start working on your project and you’ll receive a document detailing the deliverables, the estimated dates and other relevant information.

Why work with me?

Writing is such a pain, right?

You keep hearing you need content writing for your blog or social media. What no one tells you is how much time and effort it takes to plan, write, and post that content.

If you’d like to put your brand out there, build a loyal community and (more importantly) attract more customers, boost your conversions and increase your sales, creating a blog and posting social media content is essential. The best part is, you don’t have to do it yourself.

Here’s is where I come in.

I’ve written blog posts, social media copy, radio and video ad scripts and other marketing materials for the last four years. I’ve also created content strategies for clients in the wellness, lifestyle, travel and food industries.

So, if you need to hire a content writer, get in touch by email or book a consultation.