10 remote jobs, and a tip to get things done

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Gamify boring tasks.

It’s no secret we procrastinate boring tasks–washing dishes, vacuuming, replying to those emails left unread for days. 

But ignoring those tasks won’t make them go away.

On the contrary, procrastination makes things even worse. Those unread emails and unfinished tasks become a source of anxiety and stress the more you leave them unattended.

How to get them done? One way is to turn them into a game. 

Break them down into smaller tasks and challenge yourself to complete each one as fast as possible, with a reward if you get them done. 

I add all my boring tasks in my to-do list on Habitica, and keep my phone next to my computer so I can see the tasks easily. For each completed task, my character gains XP and some coins.

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1. Perfectionism can sabotage you, but there’s a way out.

2. Unsurprisingly, monitoring doesn’t help remote workers be more productive. 

3. Hubstaff’s State of Remote Work After COVID-19 offers an optimistic view of remote work during and after the pandemic.

4. Is your productivity just not that great? Try time blocking.

5. Summer’s over, and life starts getting back to high speed approaching the end of the year. Let’s keep calm and prevent burnout.


Are you just not getting interviews, no matter how many applications you send?

Your resume might need an intervention.

Skillcrush created this handy guide to create the perfect remote work resume.


1. Marketing Video Artist at Kolibri Games

2. Product Designer at Xapo

3. Technical Writer at Cloudmersive

4. Content Marketing Manager at ReCharge

5. Marketing Designer at Readdle

6. 2D FX Artists at Flying Bark

7. Digital Producer at Modern Tribe

8. Marketing Funnel Builder at 2Marketing

9. Email Marketing Specialist for eCommerce for AdKings Agency

10. Creative Director (Maternity Cover) at The Smalls

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